Attachment-1 (1)Kristiaan Pelckmans (, see homepage) is Docent  in IT (Applied Mathematics and automatic control) at Uppsala University. Currently, he is working together with FREIA (beam physics/accelerator instrumentation laboratory in Uppsala) and CERN (particle accelerator lab in Suiss) on advanced methods of RF in plasma-based acceleration. His main focus is on deep tech.: today it is mostly embedded systems synthesis and digital signal processing. He has a wide interest and network, spanning areas ranging from industrial applications of AI to observational astrophysics.

dragos2Dragos Dancila ( is Associate Professor at Uppsala University, department of Engineering Sciences, division of Solid State Electronics. He received also a Complementary Master in Management, from the Solvay Business School in Brussels. He holds several patents in the fields of medical diagnostics and energy efficiency. He was project leader in several projects related to antennas, sensors, microwaves and terahertz technology. He is presently the Principal Investigator of a H2020 Eurostars project on energy efficiency in radio frequency amplifiers for cyclotron technology. Recently, he started working on applications of ML and AI for ‘Predictive maintenance’, which is the continuous surveillance of industrial equipment for pre-emptive maintenance, i.e. to act before things actually break down. He has strong interests in entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation in high-tech companies.

Peter Kurzwelly (Contact) is a serial tech entrepreneur and advisor for the Swedish governmental initiative AI Innovation of Sweden.peter_square He holds a Masters degree in Business Development and Innovation from Gothenburg University. He specialises in the development of startups and was an active part in rebuilding the Gothenburg startup scene. Having worked with the development of global brands and business development, he specialises in sales and marketing. Except Peters interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, he is curious about psychology and philosophy.

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