The basic resources are open for all to consult. The idea behind this is that we want you to know what you sign up for. We think it rather odd that other existing solutions opt for a closed business model. Exactly this naivety landed us in the current paradoxical situation where virus-scanning software solutions are in the best position to control computers on various delicate places. To us, such black-box approaches seem in direct conflict with the very aim of cyber-security solutions. So by all means, do inspect what our solution looks like, which bits are shielded by IP-laws (none!) where easter-eggs can be found (nowhere!) and how this approach stops triggering new complications.

Do however keep in mind that the recipe is open for all to examine, but that the actual solution for your case is protected from the public. The only way to see what your actual solution looks like is to feed the algorithm with the same data streams as you used (or to have your own staff broadcast the solution). Not even we do know what your result will look like, we just guarantee its performance. Magic? No, academical theory!

breadWe have the following analogy: the FaDO algorithm is like a recipe for an apple cake. In what a world would we live if people go around patenting things like that? But, we are like the master cook baking those. It takes background and experience to make an apple cake in a majestic product. FaDO is the recipe. We are the cook. The resulting product is then put together at your premise.


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