FADO offers a solution for detecting fraud in your instant payment flows. It’s a ML-driven tool to support your experts to deal with the emerging flood. It’s future-proof and on-prem.”

FaDO (‘Fault DetectOr’) is an algorithmic solution for monitoring financial transactions: the FaDO algorithm flags abnormal behaviour when seen in streams of financial transactions. FaDO is based on methods of semi-supervised machine learning, yet excels in transparency. We offer to customize this algorithm together with your experts into an entirely local tool which is tailored to your needs.

Benefits of using this algorithm:

  • It’s semi-supervised and heavy-duty proof.
  • It’s keeping everything on premises (on-prem).
  • It’s transparent and memory-light.
  • It’s designed for handling the worst-case.
  • It builds on the realisation that reality changes.
  • It’s a supporting, explainable and accountable tool.
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